Cute Dog Center

CCWG has a few "therapuppies" that are in our office at times. We love dogs and believe animals in general can have therapeutic value for our patients (and our staff!). So take a moment from your day and look at                these cute pups or come by the office and say hello!

Meet Karma, Stephanie's rescue dog. She's the top dog here at CCWG. She loves bones, hugs and to cuddle. Probably the sweetest girl you'll ever meet.


Sweetness rating 15/10. 

Meet Blue (below), Lauren's red Doberman. He loves bones, staring out the window and putting his head in your hands so you'll rub his ears.


Sweet boy rating 12/10


Meet Lauren's other dog, Cooper. He loves giving kisses, playing with Blue and Karma, and chewing on things we specifically told him not to. Currently in his toddler phase and gained 30 lbs literally overnight.

Cute pup rating 12/10


(Right) Blue and Karma

having a bone break after

a hard day's work


(Left) Karma mothering Cooper when he was just

8 weeks old


"Until one has loved an animal a part

of one's soul remains unawakened."

                                             -Anatole France