Alexandria Anderson, RDN

Registered Dietary Nutritionist

Our board certified and licensed dietitian offers nutrition and lifestyle education, counseling and support for a variety of dietary and nutrition needs including weight loss, developing a healthy relationship with food, and developing an individualized health promoting eating pattern and lifestyle.  She understands the role nutrition plays in attaining mental wellness and is excited to be a part of your journey.  She offers: 

  • Initial Nutrition assessments which cover everything including height & weight, weight history, eating & physical activity habits, food allergies, current nutritional needs, goals and barriers 

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy for specific chronic diseases 

  • Individual nutrition education and counseling 

  • Follow-up appointments to track progress, tweak a plan and provide additional education 

  • Custom meal/menu plans utilizing the meal planning services eatlove.com and  plantoeat.com 

  • Meal, menu, snack ideas, suggestions, tips and strategies 

  • Group nutrition classes 

  • Grocery store tours 

  • Pantry/Kitchen Makeovers 

  • Home visits 

  • In-person and virtual visits